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  ADVICE TO ALL EMPLOYEES: 1. Build a home earlier. Be it rural home or urban home. Building a house at 50 is not an achievement. Don't get used to government houses. This comfort is so dangerous. Let all your family have good time in your house. 2. Go home. Don't stick at work all the year. You are not the pillar of your department. If you drop dead today, you will be replaced immediately and operations will continue. Make your family a priority. 3. Don't chase promotions. Master your skills and be excellent at what you do. If they want to promote you, that's fine if they don't, stay positive to your personal development. 4. Avoid office or work gossip. Avoid things that tarnish your name or reputation. Don't join the bandwagon that backbites your bosses and colleagues. Stay away from negative gatherings that have only people as their agenda. 5. Don't ever compete with your bosses. You will burn your fingers. Don't compete with your colleagues, you
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  It can be challenging to end a relationship, especially when there are significant emotions involved. The following advice will help you let go of someone you still love: • Embrace and appreciate your feelings of love , but realize that there may not be a future for the relationship. • Maintain distance: Being apart from the person might give you perspective and help you feel less strongly about things. • Remain active: Staying busy with hobbies, job, or other interests can help you forget about the individual and lessen craving. • Look for additional support: Speaking with friends, relatives, or a therapist can offer you support and aid in the processing of your emotions. • Engage in self-care: Taking good care of your body, mind, and emotions can make you feel better and move forward. • Minimize interaction : Avoiding contact with the person will help you move on more quickly and prevent sentimental thoughts about them. • Reframe your thoughts: Attempt to change the way you are t


Every second, technology progresses. Smartphones are one of the most significant inventions of the twenty-first century. Smartphones have become an unavoidable part of our daily lives. We can't fathom our lives without them. Everything we do is based on our smartphones. It has altered the way we work, play, and communicate. Mobile applications, sometimes known as apps, are an important component of a smartphone. A smartphone's applications are what give it life. They've made our lives so much easier. Mobile phone applications have revolutionized every part of our life. This is true from the minute we wake up owing to our alarm app to managing our accounts using mobile banking apps.   On the Apple and Google app stores combined, there are currently 4.42 million apps available.   There are four ways that applications have impacted our lives. 1 . We were able to learn more quickly as a result of this. We all have a sense of urgency to get information, thanks to mobile app

Do you have a healthy diet?

 Do you have a healthy diet?  I won't say that I always have a healthy diet or a healthy eating habits but still I'm trying too. Why? I have breakfast in the morning but because of my workload it is not always big. I cook my meals everyday and have variety of fresh ingredients but twice a week I have processed food that I include in the cooking. Because of my busy schedule I sometimes eat a little late  I try to drink adequate water about 2 liters. I avoid drinking coffee. I eat sweets about once a month and in moderation. I go out or order food online about 2 times a month. 2. If I'm busy and hungry and there is a new restaurant with menu labeling I might shrug off the label and proceed with any of my order. If I am not and just want to have the meal. I will eat the meal in moderation. I also order lighter meal.  I will explain here about my eating habit. My breakfast is not always big. It is consists of oatmeal, bread and butter, boiled egg and banana. I think it's a

How do I care for my toddler's teeth?

Her first tooth was one of my baby's milestones that I had expected. For me, a baby's teething is a little frightening because the elderly told me, "The baby's teething." when they first come out , baby could feel cranky or irritable. And comforting and soothing the baby can sometimes be challenging. How soon did my child's first tooth erupt? Around the age of five months, my baby's first tooth appeared in the middle. There were two lower front teeth on her. Not all  babies follow the tooth eruption chart and the timeline for tooth development, according to her pediatrician. One tooth at a time may come in some babies.  Some parents' babies' first tooth may appear as early as three months old or as late as 14 months. What are the signs my baby might be teething? Contrary to some myths or common belief, my child did not have  any typical teething symptoms, such as fever, runny nose, or diarrhea. None of these symptoms are supported by research. Ever

My First Snow Experience

I come from the Philippines which has a tropical climate, and I have always been fascinated by snow, even as a child. I had only ever seen the snow, which resembles tiny cotton candy falling from the sky, in movies. When I was on tour in Georgia and Armenia, I encountered snow for the first time. Traveling through these two stunning Eastern European nations was a wonderful opportunity. We started off by flying to Armenia on our journey. By 10pm, we arrived at Zvartnots International Airport. There, we got our visit visa. It was really freezing, when we first left the airport, and I recall wearing a sweater, jeans, and boots. It resembled a warm welcome to a winter paradise. I put on my coat immediately. After that, we spent the next six hours traveling by land to Georgia. The border is also where we obtained our visitor's visa. When we got to our hotel, it was around 4 a.m. Our accommodations were pleasant and cozy. Their bedroom was decorated in a modern Renaissance style. We cons

47 Unique Baby Names Start with C

                                                                                                                                    Are you having trouble coming up with a name for your new baby? Some parents are submitting to fashionable choices for choosing name for their baby. Some may discover that they can make mistake in registering their child’s name in the birth certificate. Others may choose a family tradition and name after the father or mother. Baby names that begin with  “C” are unusual. You can give your child a name that is a little glitzy. These unique baby boy and baby girl names will make them feel special. Cliffie, Christof, and Crissa are examples of C names that have good combination of Ch, Cl, or Cr. You may go with a name like Ced, which is short for Cedric, or Cai, which is short for Caiyene. Some names have wonderful meanings and are of ancient antiquity. Here are 47 unique and adorable baby names for you to choose from. In the lists below, find your favorite ba